Friday, August 14, 2009

Boolean Float : Interactive Video Art by Mannet Villariba

Available at Sonic Mind Fields!

Boolean Float

Interactive Video Art (DVD Format)
by *Mannet Villariba
Philippines, 2008
File under: Video art
(Rare/limited copies only)

*A grand prize winner of the NCCA’s Websining Digital Art competition in 2007. Mannet Villariba explores his medium with an enthusiasm for electronics as it relates to the realm of sound and visuals. After a fine arts education, corporate environment, and with a self-confessed anti-synth ideology in his garage-band days, Villariba’s exposure on new media led to an advantageous and favorable understanding of these unforeseen forces underlying electronic sound with its mystical, ambient and chaotic appeal, eventually shifting his ideals, which in turn rejuvenates his expression in visual art as well. Interactive visual interpretations of these forces are increasingly the main focus of his work. He actively participates in various performance art events locally as well as several festivals abroad, such as the Tupada Xing, Wunderspaze, Singapore 2006 / Nippon International Performance Art Festival, Japan, Summer 2007 / Asean Contemporary Art Exchange, Yangon Myanmar, January 2009 / Changwon Art Festival, South Korea, April 2009 / Gwangju International Performance Art Festival, South Korea, May 2009. source:

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Trivia: Mr. Peter Tomas-Dobrilla, the Director for the Arts Department at the Ministry of Culture, Slovenia bought a copy of Boolean Float at Sonic Mind Fields when he was in Espasyo Siningdikato (DasmariƱas, Cavite) as part of ASEUM09.

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